WHO WE ARE: It gives us immense pleasure to introduce Urban Yatra as a Destination and events Management Company, with one stop solutions for all travel needs. With Head Office based in Bhubaneswarand we have branch’s in Kolkata and Bangalore also, we specialize in tailor made packages/Group Packages for Entire India. Our Company has established itself as a reputed concern offering multi-product travel services. We aim to take you to best known historical places along with lesser known destinations in India and introduce you to the rich culture of India.

QUALITY: We handle your requests with great attention and concentrate on every detail, no matter how big or small, so as to make your stay in India an unforgettable experience. Tour guides are all professional, certified and experienced individuals. From our in-house staff to our many clients and participants; everyone experience the magic. Our insistence on high standards and our personal attachment to our customers is what really makes us stand out from the crowd. We provide highly personalized services to ensure that every holiday is hassle free and memorable for the clients.

WHAT WE DO: Our travel products are tailored to meet our client’s needs but we also encourage people to design their own trips, make their own itineraries and discuss them with us. We are here to provide genuine advice and offer the best travel options at a great competitive price.

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