The perfect tribal experience at Odisha

Odisha in India has many tribes, which gives you a chance to see how our ancestors lived and how their decadents are still following their rich cultural heritage forward. You may be wondering how to explore and have the best experience of the rich tribal heritage of Odisha. The obvious answer is to be with us at Urban Yatra. Our tribal tour package in Odisha gives you adequate exposure to the daily life of the various tribes in Odisha and lets you understand their cultural heritage.

The tribal experience you can have

Many tribal groups are residing in Odisha. To many, the prominent ones, are Bondos, Didayis, Koya and Kondhs. Our tour package will take you to those places and let you explore their daily life and cultural heritage. 

At Bhubaneswar itself, you can visit the temple of Lord Lingaraj and the Khandagiri and Udaygiri hills to know about the Hindus and Jain who lived in this land.

Being at Dhauli you can know about the origin of Buddhism. Likewise, your visit to Hirapur you can know about the Tantric Cult. Visiting Rayagada, you can have firsthand experience of the life of Kutia Kondhs and beautiful Dongriya Kondhs. Our trip will make possible to meet the tribal people in their daily market. You will have an amazing experience when you shop with them from the same stalls.

Your trip to Jeypore will enable you to have a close encounter with the Marias, the Gadabas and the famed Bondas. While you visit Kunduli with us you will be with the Paraja tribes at their vibrant market.

The rural tribal region of Kawardha will bring you in front of a rich cultural heritage. You will also have the opportunity to spend some time with the Gond and Baiga tribes.

tribal tour package urban yatra

The planning that we make

Our organizers plan the trips in such a manner that you do not feel the stress of traveling. We arrange for the best vehicle and place to stay so that you have a safe and comfortable journey. We also ensure that you have perfect rest so that you are agile the next morning to meet another tribal group of Odisha.

We also have the best guide to accompany you. They are local to have the best understanding of the cultural heritage that you are eager to know.

Are you thinking about how to have such a trip to the tribal areas of Odisha? It is that you just have to contact us by dialing +91 9437534567 or 9437232573.

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